Silly Lady…

This morning, at 7:08am, the ex struck again. She addressed this one by his first name, Richard, instead of Dick, but I’m sure that’s what she was wanting to write, and most definitely thought.

She writes, “You know I don’t know who you are kidding, but it isn’t me or the kids or anyone else for that matter. And this e-mail proves it along with a rough draft I have in you wife’s writing. ”

Huh? How would she even get her hands on something like that, if it even exists? Probably when she had her kids snooping around, no doubt. ANYWAY…

She says, ” that these and all the other e-mails, correspondence and telephone calls to insurances and providers is not being done by you. In fact, if it was up to you none of this controversy or situations would be happening at all.

The truth as you so stated in this e-mail or tried to make it look like she did something for you. In fact it is pat that is getting into all my business.

She did give birth to our children and had no hand in making them or raising them. She has nothing to do with their being here at all. She has not taken care of or looked after them. So their care or upbringing or visitation is none of her business.

pat has put such a wedge in between richard and his kids and you continue to blame me for your absence.

I did not marry or divorce or have kids with pat so I don’t want anything to do with her. She has no right at all in this situation.

I don’t like her and neither do the kids. We simply put up with her bullshit because you have to.

Restraining orders will be placed if this continues. It none of her damn business what goes on in my life, my kids like or anything to do with us.

Just because you mistakenly married her does not make her anything to us.

Tell her and beware yourself to have her leave me alone. (ex wife’s name).

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