No Lies, She says

The ex emailed Keith back at 6:57am about the “hissy fit” comment.

“No lies, she can get into my e-mail and did, she read the part you wrote about not making plans just to have someone throw a hissy fit and change them.

I told you the e-mail was uncalled for.

She looed the word articulate up in the dictionary and wrote her own e-mail.

Maybe you and your wife had better be more careful when writing.

There was no reason for you to say what you did and further more it had nothing at all to do with the situation.”

Keith emailed her back at 7:48am stating the obvious. “I just BET she got into your e-mail all on her own, with no coercion or anything from you, uh huh right. REALLY goes against things you have said in the past…

My wife, and kids here have NOTHING to do with this situation, so maybe you and (daughter) better keep them out of it. Keith”

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