07:38am- “You are lieing right there, your wife is the cause and proble. The jealousy she feels towards (son and daughter) and towards me is her motivation to stick her nose where it does not belong and everyone, all of us know it.

Do you actually believe that I think you send all these emails?? Right and I have some oceanfront property in the desert. Don’t tell me or especially (daughter) to leave them out of it. They are the reason things are the way are between you and your kids.

Your name calling of your daughter was not appropriate.”

She writes again at 07:46am- “I never said I would not pay half of the return I simply said I would pay for the trip down and you could pay for the return home.

Why does it matter what time (daughter) is up on a Saturday night. How old are you? She is at home with a friend spending the night and this is common. She does not get into trouble and knows right from wrong. If you are so concerned then become a parent.

No games. I said I am buying the tickets on the 10th and plans need to be made and your money as per court order must be paid for half of the transportation.

(Son) does not want to visit at all, I just asked him this morning. I told him you wanted to speak to him and he said you can call him.

Don’t think for one minute you are going to make this about bad kids and their bad mom. (Son and daughter) are good kids in fact very good kids better than you will raise. The fact is that you have created this monster and there are no games involved.

I told you the dates of travel and when I am going to buy tickets. If you fail to pay half of the airfare then you are going against court orders.

Have you ever questioned why it is that you are supposed to be at work and yet I receive e-mails. Even late at night when I know you are really sleeping. Someone is corresponding and it isn’t Richard.

So you quit playing games. Make amends with (son and daughter) before they write you off all together.

They are tired of your fames and that is why you are getting the responses you are.

Good luck, (her name)”

Keith responded back at 7:49am, “Get a life. I am through with you. Get into some SERIOUS therapy, you need it. Keith.” and again at 7:52am he added to his e-mail from minutes ago, “Your lies are not becoming of you. Can’t call (son) he is never home and doesn’t return phone calls. I am so through with you as of now.”

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