No Lies…Oh Really?

10:45pm- Keith writes, “Interesting…back on Feb. 20th, you mentioned something in an e-mail to me about how “the kids are tired of the stuff that goes along with making arrangements to do simple things.”

I asked you if this meant you were no longer going to let them read your email from me concerning court ordered visitation or court order anything.

Your reply on 2/21/02 was, “they never read my emails.”

HA HA! I just thought that was funny because you recently accused me of calling (daughter) “stupid and retarded” when it never happened. I told you I was “glad” that you continue to allow the kids to read your e-mails (for my own reasons) and I thanked (daughter) for stating verbatim what I wrote, TO YOU. I asked you what kind of sick person goes around telling their kids the lies you tell (son and daughter). Do you remember what you wrote back? It is soo classic, you wrote, “No lies, she can get into my email and did” HA HA HA! But yet, back in feb you said “they never read my emails.” HA HA HA!

The sad part is, you believe your own lies about me. If (daughter) had read the e-mail, she would have seen that NO WHERE did I called her “stupid” or “retarded….”

Keith goes on to talk about summer visitation and the issues therein with that.

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