They Don’t, They Do, They Don’t

Ex responded to Keith’s email. She wrote at 06:36am:

“Is this how you make yourself feel better?

My kids do not read my e-mails without my access code. If you are embarrassed by what you said about (daughter) not being articulate enough to explain the situation or the part about hissy fit then you should not have said it verbally or in an e-mail.

Your vacation is scheduled at the beginning of an during the school year for both the kids. They are unable to be there when you have scheduled your vacation due to school.

If you had put them first in your life, then you would have asked for time off when they were not in school.

You have school schedules and your wife has time to find out when school starts so……why did you schedule your vacation when they are in school.

You are good at trying to blame others to make yourself look good.

It is tooo late for you sorriness. “

HUH? and what is “sorriness”?

Keith responded back to her at 07:36am:

“so now we are back to the kids do not read your e-mails without your access code, and what you have it posted up? because other than that, you would have to verbally give it to them, and you said she can and did read the e-mails I sent you that in no way shape or form called her “‘stupid and retarded” but yet you told her that I did. So, in answer to the question I asked you days ago, yes, you did p lay a part in her reading the e-mail I sent you.

I am not embarrassed by anything I wrote. Articulate i snot calling her stupid or retarded. If she looked up the word like you said, she would have seen that. Sounds more like you are embarrassed by getting caught in your own lies. I am NEVER embarrassed about what I write to you. I have no reason to lie.

You already told me that (son) is not coming. Funny that HE can’t visit me because of this reason you state, but he sure can go to your moms for about 4 weeks after you leave huh and STILL not find time to come here huh? Interesting.

You just said (daughter) doesn’t start until around August 28th. So she can’t come here from Aug 11-24, a two week period, we all agreed to? I see. She has plenty of time to get ready for school before she leaves for CA with you, and I can help buy her some things when she is here, so this excuse is poor.

It has nothing to do with putting the kids first. There is PLENTY of proof that I have ALWAYS fought to have the kids here when I was on vacation, BEFORE school started for them but you disallowed it for one reason or another.

No, I have no schedules that state when school starts for next year. It seems you aren’t even too sure about when it starts.

Blame others for what (her name) ? I am not blaming anyone for anything. Quit trying to play Spin Doctor, because your self esteem is so low that you have to constantly LIE. Keith”

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