Truth Hurts

It’s funny, because when she gets caught in her lies, when Keith repeats things to her that she has said in other emails that is different than her current thought process, it’s sets her into a tail spin. She can’t STAND to have her words used against. her.

That is what Keith did in an email he sent her at 01:10am this morning. She didn’t like that and her response was so crazy.

She responded at 07:42am to the email Keith sent at 01:10am this morning, saying, “Like you are really up at this hour, pat you did this you made Dick loose his kids so yours could be there. You pushed (her son and daughter) away from their dad so you could control his breathing.”

What a sad pathetic lady. Fact is, SHE made Keith lose his kids, SHE pushed her kids away from their dad by speaking ill of him constantly, sharing their adult problems with them, calling him names when discussing him with them, twisting his words. SHE lost the control she thought she had on him and she can’t stand it so SHE did everything she could out of spite and jealousy to ruin Keith’s relationship with this kids.

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