One thing that Keith noticed since 1998, that anytime he submitted his summer vacation to the ex, it would eventually be in conflict with her plans. ALWAYS. THIS email was no different.

In this long email she stated that their daughter “didn’t want to be gone longer than two weeks with you, but the time frame doesn’t match to vacation schedule.” She went on to say that their daughter “was trying to do the same thing as I was and coordinate her visitation with my vacation. At which time she chose to spend one week with her grandma and two weeks with you. Now she is upset with you and your attitude towards her and she changed her mind to one week…Once again my vacation for summer and where I go and what I do and who I take along is none of your business. I was trying to make things easier for visitation and it did not work out. (Son) is taking the time off without pay and any longer would probably mean that he would loose his job. He has expressed no interest in visiting or staying with you this summer. If you had tried to be nicer to the kids and quit doing things that make the situation worse and kept your nosey wife our of our personal business then things may have turned out better. I have tried to compromise with you and have been met with a stone wall, I have tried to explain the kids to you and help you develop a relationship with them and you have seen fit to do your own way. Now they are old enough to make their own decisions. Both of them were totally disgusted to find out that you pried into our personal business and check the airlines for who and when we were taking our vacation. This information was none of your business. And you did not act appropriately invading our privacy. Things and situations like this have ruined their respect for you. Proving to them you are more interested in the fight then spending time with them. You have made a mess of a already difficult situation that could have been easier…”

WOW…talk about DEFLECTION. Isn’t this a common narcissitic trait? Accuse someone else of what exactly you are doing?

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