(sent this email to my sister, my dad, friends, and CC’d my stepdaughter and her grandma, at 8:32am)

” It was a fun and busy weekend. Saturday, of course was a softball game. The Reds lost (another) game, 17-6 😦 to the Dodgers. At one point, they were ahead and at another point it was tied. Sarah was up only twice this game. She hit a double and grounded out. She was all too happy when the coach let her sit out their last time out field. They had 11 players and only 10 are allowed on the field.

We had an umpire that was not very Fair, I guess is the word. He would call our players out for throwing the bat, but not the other teams, and there was another call he called our player out for not running when he really didn’t have to. HOPEFULLY next week they will win. Hopefully, the Reds will win at least ONE game! LOL!

Pictures are July 13th, so I will be sure to either scan them or send them out to you.

Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week as well! Til next time…


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