Happy belated 4th!

(Sent this at 9:23am to my dad, sister, friends, and cc’d stepdaughter and her grandma)

“Hi everyone!

hope you all had a great holiday weekend! We went to a friend of ours house for the 4th for a bbq and pool party. Have a great time! Sarah and Thomas swam in the pool most of the day! Thomas did real good with the floaties on. he was “swimming” out in the middle are of the pool and was so proud of himself! He STILL wouldn’t get his hair wet!

Sat. Sarah had a game, an early one this time, 9 am. They lost. I think our score keeper stops keeping score after awhile, which is kind of irritating, but oh well…Sarah grounded out and hit a double. She played left/center field and made a couple of great fielding plays!

Saturday night, we went to another friends house (in the “prison compound” where we used to live) for swimming and a bbq again. Got home late but had a lot of fun!

Sunday morning in children’s church, Sarah and Thomas had choir practice and at night, they sang in the children’s choir at church during the “International Sunday” service. They were too cute! afterwards, there was “food and desserts” from all over…Germany, Nigeria, Africa, good ol’ USA, China, etc. I tried to find a Portuguese restaurant to pick something up for Sarah to take, but there are NONE around here. Sarah was disappointed of course, (she is Chinese/Portuguese as well as Mexican…My “Portunese Mex” baby!) but I told her I would look up some recipes and we could try them.

Here we are are, Monday week! A HOT one at that! UGH! Time for the beach!

That’s about all the news here! Have a great week and stay cool!

Love you all!


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