Another Saturday

(emailed to family and cc’d to stepdaughter and her grandmother at 5:14pm)

“Good afternoon!

I am trying this again! I started to write this when we got home this morning, but I was just totally wiped out! Long night early morning, so a nap had to take precendence! 🙂

The day started off with Pictures…what a zoo! Sarah’s game started late, so consequently, her game was called due to time. 😦

Anyway, I think the Reds played their BEST game so far! They lost 10-9, but WOW, what a game! IT was actually back and forth all game, and the A’s last at bat, they scored 2 runs to make it 10-9. They really tried today and it really showed!

Sarah hit 2 singles today and she was happy. She was telling the coach that she really wants to play infield instead of outfield, and he said ok, and stuck her in left or right field anyway, but he did say that he would try and start moving players around to different positions. She is really frustrated, but she is a trooper and doesn’t stop trying.

Thursday after practice she was VERY upset and frustrated cried all the way home from Thompson Park, and continued crying after getting home. I just let her talk it out, and she seemed to feel better. She knows she is better than a couple players on her team, but she is stuck outfield, so we shall see what the future holds!

Thats it for today! “Big Daddy” just got home so I gotta jet! Have a great weekend!!!! P~”

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