The Day in Sports…

(email sent to friends and family, including Stepdaughter and her grandma at 12:38pm)

“Good afternoon!!

Hope this letter finds you all doing well!! 🙂

Sarah had an early game this morning. 9am! She is now napping! she had a busy game! She played outfield, pitcher and when she played 3rd, she made an out! I think it surprised her even! LOL

I missed her one and only at bat this morning! GRRR I was at Smart and Final getting snacks for the team. The parent (the manager!!!) was supposed to bring them today, but she went out of town and didn’t tell anyone…swell!! Coach said I was the “emergency snack mom” today! 😀

The coach and I spoke after the game and he was real happy with Sarah’s “game.” 🙂 He did remind her that as a pitcher, she has to remember to get back into the circle ASAP, and also to watch who has the ball. She wasn’t paying attention, and the 3rd baseman threw the ball to her and she had her back to the teammate. Needless to say, she dropped the ball and a runner advanced. 🙂 but thats ok…

Other than this… thats the day in sport! Well, Big Daddy Keith just got home 🙂 :-)! He is on a break, so I got to go. Just one of the perks of us moving to Downey and him working in Downey! LOVE IT! 🙂 Have a good rest of the weekend all!! P-

“My spouse and I had words last night. Too bad I couldn’t use mine.” JH 7-8-02″

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