(email written to friends, family, stepdaughter and her grandmother at 11:23am)

“Well, said to say there are only 2 more games left…:-( Todays game was good, it was back and forth until the “Yankees” pulled ahead and stayed. The Reds lost 15-8. The coach for the Yankees did say that the Reds are doing much better too, so that was cool!

Sarah played 3rd base, short stop, and all outfield today. She also hit a line drive to the pitcher, dang it, and he had to catch it! She also hit a single and a “half home run” as she said. It was a double! LOL! 😀

She woke up this morning telling me she didn’t think she should go to her game because she had a little more sore throat and a tummy ache…so for breakfast, she had cheese popcorn with Jalapeno! I told her if she can eat THAT, she can play her game! LOL 😀

This is about it for today! I haven’t gotten pictures yet…hopefully next week! Nothing like getting them when the season is over. Seems so silly to me, but oh well… I don’t make the rules!

Have a great day and rest of the weekend!! Love ya all!! P~”

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