Declaration of Matrimonial Nullity

Page 1 is cover page-
Page 2
Page 4
page 5

So page 3 in particular is interesting. Keith was NOT contacted, or “cited” or notified of judicial acts. ALL the “Rights of the Respondent” were denied Keith. ALL she did was tell him that he would be receiving the questionnaire and he never got it.

Would LOVE to know what she wrote or told the Tribunal. Wouldn’t that be considered PERJURY not to mention FORGERY? I’m SURE, had Keith been sent the questionnaire and answered it HIMSELF, he would have had to sign it as well. Hmmm…. Would LOVE to see the actual paperwork on this, to compare writing and signature.

Wonder what they would think if they knew the TRUTH, that Keith was not provided any information. Would they have granted this marriage “null and void” if they had known they were deceived? I know, the irony….

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