Say What?

So some time in 1999, the ex had told Keith that she was taking “religious education classes” because she wanted to remarry her then husband in the Catholic church. Apparently, being divorced, she couldn’t do that unless she took some courses, and she had told Keith he would be receiving paperwork that he would have to fill out and return back. So he waited and waited and nothing.

Instead, he received a letter in the mail from the Tribunal Diocese of Yakima. He was surprised. It read, “After carefully considering the evidence submitted to this Tribunal, in regards to the marriage of (ex’s name using her maiden name) and (Keith’s legal name), we declare this marriage null and void.

The Affidavit of Freedom to Marry regarding your previous marriage to (ex’s full name using her maiden name) has been issued. This frees both parties of this bond of marriage. Providing there have not been any other bonds of marriage that need to be taken care of, both parties are free to enter marriage in the Catholic Church if that is their choice.

If you choose to marry in the Catholic Church it will be necessary that you contact this office. It would be helpful if you would reference the protocol name and number as given above.

If you have any questions concerning the above matters please do not hesitate to contact this office.

With every good wish, I am sincerely, ” and it was signed by the Tribunal Secretary.

Wonder what information they received. Did SHE fill out the paperwork that was meant for Keith and signed his name to it? Which would be forgery, and a lie. Did she tell them that she cannot locate him? Which would DEFINITELY have been a lie. What “evidence” did she submit? Whatever it was, it was not truthful, but being it went to a Catholic Church, is it really any surprise they didn’t question it?


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