Same Year, New Month

Poor lady, driving herself crazy trying to figure out if Keith is writing his emails. Of COURSE he writes his emails. I write emails from my email address, and either one of us will write emails from the OUR account. That’s how it works. Unfortunately, she has made herself and therefore her kids believe that I write EVERYTHING. Bless her heart. Remember though, she KNOWS he can write because WAY back in the early days, after he left her in the late 80’s, she wrote him and said that they can’t even write each other without arguing, or was it fighting? I’m not sure but I know for sure it was one of those words. ANYWAY…

SO TODAY, this morning at 1140am, she emailed Keith with the subject line, “Not you,” She said, “Richard, ” and went on to say that because she cannot “verify that I am actually talking to or dealing with only you, I will no longer accept e-mails or written correspondence from you. Should you need to speak to me regarding, legal, medical or any other matters concerning (daughter-first and last name) please do so by telephone. I will not accept recorded telephone conversations between you and I. I will not accept your mail by US postal service or by e-mail. You have my home phone of ***-***-**** or my cellular phone ***-***-****. Please use either phone as of this date forward. Thanks for your cooperation, (her first and last name)”

I thought they weren’t running a business. When he got “business like” in his emails, she told him, “we aren’t running a business, we are raising kids.” This sure sounded like a business email to me.

She won’t accept recorded telephone conversations? Too bad. She was told via letter, back in 1995 that he would only talk to her and her husband at the time, that way because of the harassment he received from her, and from her making a false police report and almost getting him arrested.

If she wants her child support that she’s ALWAYS complaining that he is not paying, or he needs to send insurance information, she better accept his mail by US postal service.

What the hell? LOL….

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