Important Insurance Information

So I sent Keith, his ex and the kids an email with this information at 12:01pm.

I wrote, “Good Morning Deacon, I called (our insurance) this morning and we are showing in the system, so N can go back to the doctor when it is convenient for him.

I also called (reciprocity insurance) to give them all the information needed for L (only) and they said they would update their system once they verify eligibility with (our insurance) and then send out a new card and whatever else they are going to send out to her.

We are not showing up in the system for dental insurance, but more than likely we have (Dental insurance). Their number is 888-***-****, group # is ****-*. Cindy at (dental insurance) said that it is not surprising we are not in the system, as they are backlogged. This is the insurance we had the last time we had (medical insurance). We can go to any dentist and (Dental insurance) will pay 100% pf the fee schedule, and then it will be forwarded on to J’s insurance for more processing.

That’s all the information I got so far. I don’t think J’s insurance will pay for N’s co pay’s so…N, if you go to the doctors, send us a copy of your receipt and we will reimburse you some of it, ok?

Hasta Luego,


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