Give Peace A Chance

Really? Coming from her? That is RICH!

Her email from this morning at 0657am subject being, “What we are saying is…”

She writes, “Give peace a chance.

HA! Take your own advice. HA HA! That is funny considering your email to me from Feb 3rd about not accepting email from me, then you turn around and email on Feb 7th and again on the 17th.

(Daughter) is trying to tell you that she is uncomfortable going to your house while we are unable to compromise. The court date is too close to Spring Break. I had hoped this matter would be resolved before she visited. This goes and went for Christmas break too.

Uncomfortable coming here huh? Is that why you wrote that she has a good time and enjoyed herself when she was here at Christmas? I can’t imagine how she feels living with you. The court date and spring break have nothing to do with each other. Unable to compromise? YOU said on Jan. 5th, the decision was all hers. SHE said on Jan. 28th she decided to come out. Compromise? What goes and went for Christmas break too? What Christmas? I was denied my Christmas with the kids in 2001, and conveniently, got (daughter) for a week in 2002. Saving face are you? Knowing you planned it that way? Just so you can say, “but judge, the kids did go see their dad when it was MY turn, doesn’t that mean anything?” That is so obvious.

She feels and thinks you and your wife will treat her badly, ask her to many questions and hold all this against her. What she is trying to explain is that she does not want it to effect her visit.

It seems that’s what you have put in her head. She was never treated badly and she has never been asked “to many questions”. I don’t have the insatiable need to call her home phone or now cell phone 3, 4, 5, 6 times a day to check in and have her give a low down as to what is going on while she is with you, like you do when she is with me. In other words, spy. I have nothing to hide, but it is comical to see in action. I don’t hold anything against her. Never have, never will. That is another fallacy you are planting in her head. I never said the court would affect her visit. Seems you are the one doing a lot of mouthing off. Seems your constant jabber to her and (son) of all your ill feelings towards me and court, etc. have taken and are taking a toll.

What she is trying to say is that she does not want any e-mails between us because your wife (and we all know this) is sending them. She wants us, her dad and her mom ONLY to work things out nicely. Without outside interference.

YOU are the one that said she is the one to decide visitation. It was all her decision you said, so SHE has to make the arrangements. YOU have been saying this for many, many years now, despite court orders. SO, I have followed YOUR orders, and included her in the emails discussing spring break visitation. After all, you have included her (and son, AND your mom) in emails not related to anything court ordered. I am a big boy. I am not illiterate. I write my own emails, every one of them.

I told her the decision to visit is hers. However she has until the 21st of this month to make the decision. I will begin the search for airfare as soon as she decides.

You told me the decision was hers to. In fact, you gave me your “official notice” on Jan. 5th regarding this. SHE made the decision on Jan. 28th, and now YOU are the one with the problem. YOU are the one that has her doubting her decision because of all the little seeds of doubt you planted. SO make up YOUR mind. Seems her mind was already made up. You love giving that “false power” to her don’t ya? You love say, “her decision so she can make the arrangements” and then rip it from her. Wow, how “special” you are, NOT.

I don’t want her treated differently or badly because of court proceedings. Ultimately I get to say what happens as far as it being my week. I have never taken a week since 1995 due to the fact that the kids never wanted to stay at your house for 6 weeks. I did and do what my kids want. I speak for them, fight for them and take care of them.

Oh please, you have proven over and over again, that the only agenda you have is NOT for the kids, it is all about you, and YOUR need for control. You love giving the kids a false empowerment, making them think they actually have a say in their life, and then rip it from them. You prove it here yet again, “ultimately” you get to say what happens as far as it being your week. You spoke on Jan. 5th. YOU went as far as to say, “if (daughter) wants to spend her spring break with you, she can” SHE spoke on Jan.28th, SHE decided she was coming out, and you revoked it on Feb. 17th. NOW you say you did and do what “your” kids want? HA HA HA! Thanks for the laugh. 1995? What? In 1995, you refused to discuss or enter into a parenting plan in 1995, and it was December of 1995 at that, so what are you talking abut since then you haven’t taken a week due to the fact that the kids never wanted to stay at my house for 6 weeks? Staying 6 weeks at my house wasn’t even discussed in 1995. Get your facts straight.

She does not want the hassles actually none of us do.”

Right, that’s why you keep this up huh? You love this. You are going to do exactly what you always do, read this and tell (daughter) all about it, (daughter), (son), your mom, and all the other outside interferences you go to. YOU LOVE causing hassles. Keith”

To Keith, this email from his ex read like this: ” (daughter) is trying to tell you that I am uncomfortable with her going to your house while I am unable to compromise with you. The court date is too close to spring break and I am glad it isn’t resolved. I was also glad you only got the visitation you did at Christmas. I feel and think that you and your wife will treat her badly, and I am telling her that. I am putting that in her head. I am also telling her that you will be nosy, your wife will be nosy and you both will use it against her. I am telling her as I have told all these years that the emails are coming from your wife, because I don’t like your wife and I won’t allow your wife and (my daughter) to forge their own relationship because I am jealous. I will begin the search for airfare as soon as I decide whether she can visit or not because, after all, I have all the ultimate say so. I never wanted the kids to spend court ordered visitation with you, so I was not agreeable to anything you sent. I told the kids when and for how long they would visit with you.”

THAT is how her email read to Keith. THAT is how the ex has been since day 1. He nearly told her that much in his response. He wrote her back at 1426. What he wrote is above in bold orange.

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