Spring Break 2003

So, stepdaughter e-mailed her dad, ( AND her mother) at 1918, saying that since the court date changed by spring break, she can’t decide if she should go or not. She said this court thing is kind of upsetting her and making her feel like she is the one who is causing all the trouble, that hopefully it isn’t. She tells him she is in the middle of everything, and it’s making her mad she is the one who has to deal with her parents going to court over something that should just be able to work out on the phone. She doesn’t understand any of this court thing and she tries not to let it upset her so badly.

How sad is that? Keith doesn’t talk to her about this shit. She hears it from her mother.

Keith responded to her at 1925 and resent it at 2100 since she had also sent it to her mother. He responded to her by telling her that he doesn’t know what she was talking about, the court date being changed by spring break, that the court date has nothing to do with visitation. He told her he thought she had decided she would be coming, back in January. He told her he was sorry the court thing is upsetting her, that he has asked her mom not to discuss it with her. He told her she shouldn’t be the one to deal with this and that he was sorry she was put in the middle. He asked if she had asked her mom, TOLD her mom not to discuss it with her or put her in the middle. He told her he was sorry it upsets her, that he loves her.

Even though she had sent the email to both her parents, and Keith responded to both of them, his daughter wrote him and told HIM that he needs to stop sending his e-mails between him and her mom, because she can’t take their arguments anymore…it makes her upset so just stop PLEASE. she wrote that unless it concerns her then she doesn’t want it to be sent to her, thanks.

Keith responded, “no problem. your mom is the one that said visitation is strictly up to you , and that you are the one deciding and since it is your decision, you are to make the plans. I was just following what she says. Sorry, Dad.”


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