Subject to Human Frailty- NOT Perfect

Keith responded to his son’s email from yesterday afternoon. He wrote, “(Son’s name), I am always in a good mood, thanks for asking. I have had things on my mind, woried about grandpa and his physical problems HE has right now, and thinking about my uncle that just died recently suddenly from a sudden stroke, and my niece, your cousin, who has been diagnosed with (her dx) and in the same breath, I get a sarcastic hate filled email from you (son’s name), and yeah, I cussed, and I apologixe and I am not perfect (son’s name) BUT I am forgiven. DO NOT EVER question my faith or belief again. I forgive you (son’s name) but have you accepted the Lord into YOUR heart? If you haven’t, you need to, as time is running out. Open up that Bible I bought you a couple years ago, and read the gospel of John to better understand what I am talking about.

If this is really you writing me, maybe you have forgotten that I had started sending you information on the insurance since Dec. 9th, 2002. Maybe you have forgotten that the insurance didn’t go into effect until Jan. 11, 2003. Maybe you have forgotten that I had been asking you if you had received any information being mailed to you regularly, and you couldn’t even answer me. Maybe you forgot that the first email I even received from you about the insurance was Jan. 31st. Guess that all means nothing though, huh? By the way, you’re welcome.

Adult conversation (son’s name)? What exactly is that to you? You have never answered ANY of my questions concerning your life. You have never even answered the emails I sent when I was sending you scholarship forms before you graduated. Not even a “thanks Dad for trying to help and thinkin of me.” Why? I guess you couldn’t be bothered.

The emails I have gotten from you since Jan. 31, 2003 is the MOST I have heard from you or “talked” to you since you left here in August of 2001.

Hopefully, you will re read some of those emails I sent you, and answer some of those questions if you want to have an adult conversation. I will continue to pray for you every day and I love you and you are right, when God misses you, do do die, and sometimes all of a sudden and without warning, in the twinkling of an eye. Dad”

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