(sent stepkids and other family an email this morning at 10:33am)

“Good morning! Thomas has a doctor’s appointment this morning to have his ears checked. He has another ear infection a couple weeks ago, and his pediatrician referred him to his ENT doctor for a check up. This is probably his 2nd or 3rd ear infection in about 2.5 yrs.

His ENT doc said that his let ear looks pretty good, but his right ear has some fluid. 😦

Doc said that he wants to see him back in 4 weeks, for another check up, because sometimes the body will take care of itself, and he will also schedule a hearing test for that time to see if Thomas has any hearing loss.

Doc said it is possible that he may need to have tubes put in his ears again, but his next appointment in 4 weeks, we will know more. I will keep you posted. Love you all, P~”

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