(sent stepkids and other family members an email at 9:53am this morning)

“Good Morning!

Wednesday night, Thomas had real bad stomach cramps again, and the runs real bad. Thursday morning, Keith and I took Thomas to the doctors, and they are going to start testing him to see what is the problem. He has to stay off Milk and Cheese for 2 weeks (needless to say he is NOT happy about that!) and we have to take stool samples for 3 days. The Doctor we saw Thursday, (actually a Nurse Practitioner that he has seen before) is sending a referral to a gastroenterologist so he can been seen by them as well. Hopefully it all gets taken care of real soon. Keith said Johnny had very similar problems when he was a kid, and it was due to an under developed pancreas, so we shall see.

Thomas knew on Thursday that he was going to be “Star Student” in his class so he really wanted to go to school, but there was no way to send him. He kind of forgot about it as the day went on, especially when we got home from the doctors, but when I picked him up yesterday from school, he had his “Star Student” star pinned on him! He was REALLY happy! He said he was star student yesterday because he “was absent” on the day before.

Other than this, we are all good here. Hope the same for you!! Lots of love, P~”

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