A Thomas Funny

(email to my sister, stepdaughter and her grandmother at 12:57pm)

“The other day, Keith was at work, and Thomas and I were here. He was watching blues clues on tv and I was making him his lunch. I was putting some ketchup on his hot dogs and the ketchup container made a “farting” noise, because it is almost gone. Thomas heard the noise from the kitchen and said, “DAD???” LMBO!!! He said it sounded like Keith/Dad farting and he thought Keith/Dad stopped by!

I CRACKED UP! I had forgotten about it until just a few minutes ago, when Keith/Dad asked me if we had any ketchup to go with the meatloaf we are having! LMBO!!!!!

Too funny!!!!! Keith said this morning, “That’s my boy!” LOL! Oh man, I will be laughing over this all day now! PRICELESS!


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