NOT an April Fools

Keith’s son emailed back at 12:49pm, writing, “YES, don’t email ever again. i am tired of you bull shit and half truths. i am tired of your lying and your unnecessary stress that you cause when you email. besides everytime you email its always about how i every time respond to your email. look whose calling the kettle black. if you want to start BRINGING up the past like you always do. then maybe YOU have the problems and maybe YOU need to see a therapist because whats in the past is in the past and theres no useing bringing it up if it already happened. if you had a problem then YOU should have voiced YOUR concerns when the problem occurred. looking forward to NOT hearing from you”

Keith responded 12:54pm, “no problem. Have a great life son…best of luck to you always. Love dad.”

Keith knew his ex wife accomplished what she set out to do….

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