April Fools

Damn, the guy cannot catch a break.

Keith and his son had been emailing back and forth for a few day. Keith shared concerns with his son about his daughter and his son apparently took it the wrong way.

Part of his son’s email read, “well, the only reason I wrote back to you the first time was because u asked my OPINION on the situation, so if u want to keep bringing up past and then claim that you don’t know what i am talking about, when i respond to your questions, maybe you shouldn’t email me anymore. it would save everyone the UNESSARY stress that you are so concerned about”

Keith responded to his son, and the last paragraph (3/3) he wrote to his son, “Apparently you are unable to respond to my emails or concerns without copping an attitude. If you don’t want me to email you, let me know now, you apparently don’t have anything to say to me, unless it is a slam or bad mouthing and if my emails cause you unnecessary stress, let me know. Love, Dad”

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