(email sent to m y family, my best friend, my stepdaughter and her grandmother at 1:51pm)

“Hello everyone,

Well, today was Thomas’s last appt for awhile. He has to go back to his ENT doctor in 3 months, and back to his *GI doctor* in 6 weeks.

*GI Doctor* said the diagnosis for Thomas is “e********s.” I have attached the link (I hope it works) for you to look at instead of me writing it. (its better this way! LOL)

He did write Thomas a prescription…we need to continue this “cocktail” for at least a year if not longer… We give it to him once a day. The doctor said we CAN go the radically route and put Thomas in the hospital…but he recommends this trying this way first. He said we can give him 1-2% milk.

*GI Doctor* said even though we may feel like it, we are not the only parents in the world who have a child with this problem, that he actually sees about 70 patients a year with it…that was comforting.

So…that is about all for now. Talk to you soon!

Hasta Luego!


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