Yep, she called him an idiot in her email to him earlier at 2122. She said, “you are truly an idiot.”

She told him that calling her medical provider is in fact, “against privacy laws.” LOL…not when it concerns HIS KIDS.

THEN she writes, ‘Impersonating me as their mother by Patricia (my last name) is a felony, accessing airplane records also a felony, invasion of privacy medical and professionally also a felony. Court will definitely work on my side. It will be your word against mine as to why you have refused to pay for your kids and refused visitations several times over the years due to your lack of money, homes, and stability. bring it on, see you in court sweetie. just do what you are supposed to do and quit fighting with me.”

GEEZUS, all these felonious actions, and yet, she has NEVER brought it to her attorney, or if she did, they didn’t bring it up. Gee, wonder why? Because she’s full of shit? Yep, that must be it.

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