She Doesn’t Stop

J called Keith at 8:37 pm, from her mom’s number.

P- Hello?

J- Keith there?

Keith got on the phone and of course they argued.

J- You have lost your children because of your attitude!


9:10 pm- J called after receiving a text from Keith

Keith- Hello?

J- what’s going on?

K- what do you mean what’s going on?

J- what’s going on with text message on my phone?

They argued more.

K- you need some real mental help, you know that?

J- Yeah and it will come in 2 years when she’s 18! J hung up..


9:12 pm Keith called her back.

9:22 pm- J called Keith back from her mother’s phone, just RAGING, and now she got her daughter involved and got her daughter all upset. They first agreed he would get the kids from 6-29 to 7-13. J changed it to 7-13 to 7-27. Keith told J he was going to drive down on the 29th to pick up his daughter. If she wasn’t there, he would file a police report ad contempt charges at the local PD, and have her thrown in jail.

J told her daughter this information. When L spoke to Keith, he said she was very upset and crying.

J got back on the phone because her daughter just handed the phone to her, and J said to Keith, “You happy? Don’t ever threaten to throw me in jail again!” Keith did remind her of the summer of 1995 when she called the cops on him and almost had HIM thrown in jail because she LIED to them.,as%20a%20proximate%20result%20of%20an%20emergency%20response.

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