Going To The Doctors

This woman is SOMETHING else… GOOD LORD.

J called Keith at 10:14 am.

P- Hello?

J- Is Keith there?

P- Nope

J- Well, I’m taking (SD) to the doctors and she hung up.

I called (SD)’s phone number and got the voicemail. Then I called J’s phone and she hung up on me. I called J again.

J- Hello?

P- Is she ok?

J- OBVIOUSLY NOT if I am taking her to the doctor!

P- What’s the matter with her?

J- I don’t think it matters to you- I’ll talk to Keith when he wants to call me back.

P- You’re a bitch! I hung up.


6:45 ex called again.

P- hello?

J- Is Keith there?

P- handing the phone to Keith, “It’s J” I tell him

She has issues. She’s pissed that he sent a letter to her, addressed to her and all the last names she’s ever had. She’s pissed that she called this morning and it is now 7 pm and he has not called back. She hates our insurance, calling them a joke, bit quality care, it’s OK, it hasn’t changed in 15 years and it’s just a mass produced medical. She paid $35 out of pocket, $25 for rx and $10 just to go in. She said (SD) has a sore throat, just wanted Keith to know, and that it’s probably similar to what J has had the last 3 weeks. Keith ask where his daughter was and J said she was in the back seat of the car. They argued, and J said of ME, “Let me tell you a few other things, I don’t have to tell anything- I don’t have to tell her SHIT!” She asked if he was ready to “settle up” with visitation, and Keith just laughed and told her how he felt, settle up? Nothing to settle up, she tells him when he can see the kids and how long, etc. He just waits for her to let him know. She said she will have to get to her mom’s and look at a calendar.


8:35pm- J called back and left a message.

J- Richard, this is J, calling you back about the um, visitation. bye.

8:50 pm- Keith called J back. She has to call him back.

9:25pm- J called Keith. He can have the kids from the 13th to the 27th, pick up and drop off in San Diego.

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