Grandma Called

The kids grandma called at 4:58pm. She hung up then called back at 5:02pm and left a message, asking Keith to call her back.

The kids Grandma accused Keith of calling her yesterday, from her mobile home park. He told her no way, he doesn’t even know where she lives, that he called her from the payphone of her local PD and she can call and speak to the Sgt. he spoke to at the time.

She was just insistent that he called from her mobile home park, that she had called the operator to check the number that showed up on her phone and it was traced back to her M.H. park. Keith told her unless someone ELSE called from there, but it wasn’t him and he wouldn’t lie to her, he has no reason to lie to her.

Just crazy. I don’t know if she believed him or if she believes he called from the gate at her park, but whatever. I was with him and I KNOW where we were when he called.


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