“stupid, stupid, stupid”

She seems to be unraveling. Ex emailed Keith this morning at 7:07 am. She addressed at like this:

” Richard, Dick, Keith, (ex wife #1 name), (ex wife #3 name) and Fat (Me- current wife She always calls me names),

This is so stupid and continues to prove that you don’t have the guts to talk to me.

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT text message my cell phone or call my cell phone unless it is an emergency. If you continue to text message I will change my numbers all of them and file a report with your police department, El Cajon Police Department and (her city) Police Department.

I can call after 8:30 because you know darn well no one is in bed and if so they are not near a telephone. 8:30 is early for anyone and using my cell phone you know it is me and I guess you don’t have to answer. You are on the phone when I call.

I called on Tuesday evening and you refuse to take the call. You are so spineless. You have to have your wife send my text messages and e-mails because all you can do is hang up the phone.

No we are not in agreement of the ridiculous visitation you have conjoured up. We are not talking about small children or a custody battle here. My court papers don’t say anything about where, when or how she is to get to you for visitation.

You have not reimbursed me for half the transportation costs and are still contempt for back child support.

You have no right to tell me where to pick her up or drop her off.

At this point she won’t be at the police department on the 13th. She will choose another location this evening when she calls you. IF you don’t agree then you are denying yourself visitation.

You have made this so difficult and I would be surprised if she stays or even goes with you.

Today I will be beginning the process of the restraining order against your wife from being any where near our daughter. I am afraid that she will harm (daughter), physically, mentally. She has no rights towards our daughter and cannot make any decisions regarding (daughter).

If you are your wife cause her to be upset, cry or make her angry, hurt her physically, or harass her mentally I will have you arrested and will obtain and restraining order.

You had better stop your crap now. I am warning you and if you feel threatened that is your problem.

I have a plane ticket already purchased to pick her up if you cause her any problems. I am going to protect her from your abuse. You continue to abuse her and harass her as well as myself.

She originally wanted to go to your house but is now becoming more and more scared and afraid of you and your wife.

Keep this up and you will loose.”

My GOD, this shell of a person….

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