Phone Calls

The ex called after 9pm tonight and last night. Keith sent her an email about this…setting boundaries.

He wrote, “(ex’s full legal name), First of all, DO NOT call my house past 830pm AGAIN, unless it is an emergency. It is the second night in a row that you have done this. Last night you called from your cell phone, two times between 914 and 915 and neither time did you leave a message. Tonight you called (from your cell phone) my home 3 times between 923pm and 925pm. Your harassing phone calls are not wanted. Have a little consideration for other family member in my home that are sleeping, like the minor children that live here.

I will be at El Cajon Police Dept. like we agreed and like you told me on June 23rd when you called. I will be there on July 13th at 12pm. If (daughter) is not there, like you threatened in one of your 3 phone calls to me tonight, between 923pm and 925pm, then that is on YOU and your mother since she is the one dropping her off.

If (daughter) is not there, then I will let those people that need to know that I was denied visitation again and that you constantly and continuously interfere with my visitations.


he cc’d his ex mother in law as well

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