Come Again?

My stepdaughter emailed me back today regarding the pics I sent her yesterday. WTH? She writes, “Hello…Well thank for the pictures.. but um I don’t want any e-mail from you i have no need to talk to you and no reason i think my father wanted to send me pictures then he would them on his.. and not on yours.. i appreciate you sending them but iif my fahter wanted me to see pictures of my family .. then he should send them and not YOU! (her name)”

WOW, where did that come from? So I responded.

“Hi (her name), how sweet of you to write. No problem (her name). I will let your “father” know. Your “Father” and I were talking about and thinking of getting time made into other pictures for you and put them in frames and send them to you as a gift, but I am sure you can figure out how to do that. I sent them to you with his blessings, so I will let him know how much you “appreciated” them. Great to hear from you. Take care and enjoy yourself. P”

Absolutely crazy. There was no reason for her to respond this way. Quite frankly, it “sounded” like her mother wrote it. Same syntax.

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