Child Support

SO either this woman knew how support worked, and just wanted to be a jerk to Keith or she really didn’t know how it worked.

She was CONSTANTLY sending Keith letters and emails accusing him of being in contempt for not being current on support, which was bull, because twice a year, she would get an additional check sent to her to make up the difference each month. Keith didn’t have to pay it because it was already being garnished. ANYWAY…

In an email to him from her this morning, she continued complaining about child support. but at the end of her email she dedicated a whole paragraph to me. In this paragraph, or I should say in 7 paragraphs at the end she wrote:

” Lets try this, you must be unable to understand so let me make it perfectly clear to you. If you had kept your nosy wife out of OUR business or OUR children then you would still be paying 200.00 a month for (daughter).

If you had told your wife to stay out of the kids life then they might still want to see you and spend time with you. If you had helped is out financially without us having to ask or plead then you could still be paying 200.00 a month. If you stopped your wife from getting into all our personal business, airlines, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, schools, employers and such then maybe your children would call you or come to see you.

I guess if you want to continue to act like a spoiled brat, continue to have your wife conduct and manage your business, then you paid the price yourself.

If you feel harassment charges are in order bring it on. If you feel you want to continue to ruin the barely there relationship you have with (son) and (daughter) keep going. I warned, asked and tried to reason with you several times over the years, but yet you let your wife screw it all up for you as if you could not do that on your own.

You did all of this and you continue to send crap and sit by the mailbox and computer waiting for more creap because your wife and you have no life, no money and no future.

You are right about one thing. STOP harassing me with your poor math skills and your stupid allegations. 30 days doctor visits, isn’t it enough that you make your daughter have to drive over 70 miles away to see a doctor yet she has to call you or let you know 30 days in advance. WOW what is the point she is 16 and you have lost her too.

You could have done so much more, but what do you expect from a man who cannot even pay child support on time.”

She’s a mess.

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