New Support Order 2003

So, we KNEW that with their son graduating in 2002, the ex would be taking Keith back to court for more support for their daughter. She said as much and she did just that.

We received a copy of the Order/Notice to withhold Income for Child Support today. It had been filed with the court on 9/26/03.

Child Support went up to $560/mo (up from $350) and he pays $50 in arrears from when the increase was retroactive to December 1, 2002, 7 months arrears, and 3 months after their son turned 18. She apparently couldn’t file papers fast enough. Quite frankly, I’m surprised they weren’t filed, the day or the day after he turned 18. ANWAY…

The order reads: “Child support shall be retroactive to Dec. 1, 2002, and shall be paid one=half on the 1st and one-half on the 15th of every moth thereafter until further order of the court or until the child marries, dies, is emancipated, reaches 19, or reaches 18 and is not a full-time high school student residing with a parent, whichever occurs first. Any and all arrearages created by this order shall be paid at the rate of $50 per month, payable one half on the 1st and one half on the 15th of every month, commencing June 1, 2003 and continuing thereafter until paid in full. The payment of child support shall be accomplished by way of wage assignment directed to Respondents employer. Respondent shall be responsible for the direct payment to Petitioner of the child support required by this agreement, when the wage assignment is not in effect. …” blah blah blah.

She signed in May 22, 2003, our son’s 6th birthday. Keith signed it 6/21/03.

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