This is her “Peace”?

J wrote Keith this afternoon at 1:12pm.

The Subject line is: Privacy Rights

She sent it to Keith, twice and to the “other person” she “doesn’t know”.

She writes:

” You have no right to contact my physicians, dentist, orthodontist, or vision providers for any reason.

They have all been advised of your impersonation of me and of the volitale situation. All my accounts have been password protected to further prevent you from calling my doctors.

You are not the patient, not the customer and have no responsibility to those caretakes I choose.

My doctors can and will be changed to other doctors if this should continue. I won’t have to bill your insurance and you will never know who I choose. I don’t care about you taking care of me.

My relationship with my health providers is private, and should you try to gain access to my accounts or records the providers will be sued and so will you.

You have no right to contact my doctors, regarding my billing relationship. No right to change information on my accounts or with my doctors.

Mind your own damn business and take care of yourself. I will make what ever changes I feel necessary for the benefit of myself and L as I choose.

My choice of healthcare is not your business, my choice of pharmacy is not your business. My choice of payments to my healthcare provider is none of your business.

When exactly was the last time I asked you to pay for medical. Take a run around the corner and see if you can catch your own tail.

I take care of L daily, I take her to the doctors, I will continue to do so without asking her for something in return. I-me- not you.

I have removed all information you have given to my personal physicians, and have password protected all my accounts.”

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