Hey N

(piggy backing off the email the ex wrote Keith this morning about “The Place to Be” at 7:17am, I wrote an email to stepson at 7:37 pm.)

Ex wrote, “N hung up on a telephone call from Thomas, gee aren’t you getting yet.”

I wrote:

“N, what’s up with that? hanging up on your brother, despite what you or your mom or anyone else says, biology and DNA confirms that fact, that he is your brother. you mom seems to take joy in you breaking your BROTHER, a 6 year olds heart, while you could “shive a git.”

He called because he wanted to , because he asked to, because he wanted to hear your voice, he misses you and L. you couldn’t even give him the time of day. you couldn’t eve say that you were busy that you couldn’t talk and actually say BYE, no that would be too “human”. that would have meant you had to some compassion. yea, your point was ‘gotten,’ loud and clear. what an ‘adult’ thing to do to a child, how sad that your life been so crappy that you are so full of hate. Unbelievable. Who’s the REAL kid here N? Certainly not Thomas.

You don’t have to accept him, he will surely get over it, he reasoned in his mind that you were rude because you were ‘probably tired from work,” but there is never a reason to be RUDE.

Remember this one work N, KARMA. It has a way of coming back and biting you in the rear end.

Have a good life, rent out a lot of videos.”

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