Subject: The Place to Be

Not sure what that means, LOL, but that’s the ex’s subject matter in her email to Keith this morning at 08:17am.

The first 5 paragraphs are blah blah blah blah blah, more of the same shit, just a different day.

The 6th paragraph, she writes, “(son) hung up on Thomas, gee aren’t you getting yet.”

Just a note here, my son is 6 years old. Her son is 19. My son called to speak to his brother and sister, and this is what happened, his older brother hung up on him.

THIS upset Keith.

She also paid me a compliment! I don’t think she meant to, but she did and it’s one Keith and I agreed with wholeheartedly! She wrote, “You fail as a positive parent, you have not taught anything to our children except to hassle them and forget them for something better…”

Read that again! “For something better” HA! He was a positive parent. It’s just that when one is feels as angry and scorned as she does towards Keith, it’s not surprising she can’t see the positivity he spread. That’s on her.

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