The Hammer Dropped

Keith son is now 19 years old. Keith continued to carry him on his insurance, but he had made a decision. At 0654am, Keith emailed his son, cc-ing his ex.

“(son’s name),

After hearing from your mother saying that you have no desire to be around me or have anything to do with me, it finally sunk in, after the last email from your mother, when I realized I am not allowed to call your cell phone since I am not allowed to have the number (you have no idea how I tried to get it when the fire’s were going on, I was real concerned for you (sons name) and your safety and well being, and wasn’t able to contact you myself), nor did you feel compelled to contact me at any time telling me you are ok, and am not allowed to call your grandma’s without being threatened with a lawsuit for harassment from your mother (I will send you the email from her if you want) you don’t answer my emails, you don’t send me emails and finally, with your insensitive attitude toward your brother Thomas, (you probably threw his picture away too that was sent you along with the Krispy Kreme card and coupons you were sent), effective Dec 31, 2003, I will not be covering you under (insurance) any longer.

You’re my son and I will always love you, but I finally realize how it is. I see that it is, get wat you can, forget about everything and everyone else, and it is my choice to not support that attitude.

Just like I have always said, you know how to get a hold of me, if and whenever you chose. You’re still welcomed to visit if and whenever you chose. Love you


Keith only had to keep his son on his health insurance until his 18th birthday. His ex wife at one time threatened to press contempt charges for Keith keeping his son on his insurance past his 18th birthday. SERIOUSLY?

His ex responded at 0734am, stating that “I can’t add (son) to my insurance until June, Can’t you wait until then so that he continues to have medical coverage?? you are going to cancel wow you are a wonderful father once again. Effective as of when??

At 0739am, his ex responded again:

“No one ever said you could not call (son) on my mom’s phone. Since you put Thomas up to it you must have realized that. did not realize you were home in the middle of the day to help Thomas call. What a poor example of a dad, so I am guessing you will disinherit your daughter on her 18th birthday as well. WOW and you look at yourself everyday in the mirror. Hopefully the rest of your family bows down at your feet.”

Keith wrote her back at 0930am:

“Wait? why wait? you yourself said it was a bad insurance, you hated it, blah blah blah. (son) is an adult. he can look into getting insurance through his employer, or through (our insurance) on an individual plan. No, my open season is now, the note I sent said effective when, learn to comprehend what you are reading. It said, “effective Dec 31, 2003.

I have not written him off, like he has done me, a long time prior to my decision. I carried him for a little more than a year, past his 18th birthday, without so much as a thank you or any kind of acknowledgement of any kind, but instead with attitude and animosity, and demands. I have the emails from earlier this year from him proving that.

It is time for him to start making adult decisions about his health care, or you shouldn’t have jumped the gun and taken him off yours. You said your insurance pays about 70% here in CA, beats nothing. Keith”

At 1049am the ex wrote back, “Richard, All matters regarding (son) and insurance are resolved. Something better was not your wife at all yuck. But was that the older children are replaced with new children. You just move on and leave the others behind. (daughter is doing fine by the way and thanks for asking.”

Keith responded to his ex and his son at 1158am advising them the steps his son can take to inquire about other insurance coverage through his current company. He also told them, “Your threats of a lawsuit on Jan. 131th, and his email to me April 2nd, 2003 where he asked me “to never email him again” and telling me he “was tired of MY bullshit and half truths and lying and unnecessary stress” and then him hanging up on his half brother the other night, was the last straw. He can go about his medical insurance on his own or through you.”

His ex is under the impression COBRA is available to his son, but it isn’t. Our insurance doesn’t offer COBRA. Plain and Simple.

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