It’s Keith Now, Huh?

SO his daughter is calling him Keith. She had sent him the lyrics to George Michael’s song, “Father Figure.” Keith was surprised because of the lyrics. He felt it was something his ex would send him, under the guise of it coming from their daughter.

His ex emailed him at 739am this morning, pissed off, what else is new? LOL. She wrote in part,

“You called her a liar by accusing me instead of her sending the lyrics. I never told her or anyone for that matter that you were disinheriting anyone.

Don’t you think the kids know that there was a fight between Pat and me at the drop off time. Don’t you think they know about the phone conversations with Pat where she told me about my lack of being the proper parent before we ever got your house. You are leaving parts out. Trying again to make yourself look good…The reason we all know and blame Pat is that we try to believe that you, Richard could not bring yourself to be so heartless…I liked Pat until she stuck her nose into my or our business of children, she drips with jealousy and envy and has a personal vendetta against me from the start. Why because of the untrue things you told her about me. She does not know me for a second. She has never stopped being nosey and that is why you get no information from (son). He is too afraid that you will get into his personal stuff and you have no right…Impersonating me and my daughter and getting into our personal information is against the law and above all not necessary… Spending money on the kids isn’t that what parents do? Don’t you spend money on the kids that live with you now? You were given the opportunity to choose a different parenting plan the one I paid for and drew up before I left San Diego…You chose not to accept it, until Pat got her hands on it and you lied to her and told it was true. FALSE AGAIN. The time she has spent getting involved with something she knows nothing about is wasted and has caused hard feelings between you and your children…You manipulated your way out of your childrens lives. Both the kids can see how you act differently with Thomas and Sarah calling her your child and doing on them. While you ignore (son and daughter). Too bad Bobby died and yet you never said anything to them, GEE….I bet you have even lied about our marriage to Pat so of course she should believe you…wait until your precious Thomas is 13, Good luck…”

Keith responded at 1212pm to her email:

“Yes, I do believe all the stuff I wrote. I lived it, so did my wife, we know what the truth is. You are the one that is way out there and not even close to the truth.

I never called (daughter) a liar. You wouldn’t know what the truth was if it slapped you upside the head. You read into things that aren’t there and you have taught (daughter and son) to do the same.

There was no fight between you and my wife in 1995 at the time of the drop off. YOU tried to keep something that wasn’t yours and she grabbed it back. (ex’s husband) had to grab you and grab the papers out of your hands and threw them on the car hood. If there was a fight, it was all your doing. There was no conversation like what you are saying, that conversation you are talking about took place in one place, YOUR sick and twisted mind. You are making things up as you go along, trying to make me and my wife out to be the bad person, but it won’t work. We know who the REAL liar is and it is YOU.

I don’t need to talk to you about my other family at all. They are all fine who says there is not contact with my extended family, just because YOU don’t know makes it so huh? what a joke you are.

Me disappearing? HA HA! Never happened. 2 or 3 times a year? HA HA! I only saw the kids when it was convenient for you, when YOU needed a babysitter and decided to call me. You really make things up as you go along. This email from you is more of a joke than it is to be taken seriously.

Nope, never saw the kids while I was married to (3rd ex). I was married to her for 5 months, that’s it. I didn’t see them anytime during those 5 months. There were no court orders either, so it was all YOUR decision when I was allowed to see the kids. You said it yourself. Since you moved to WA in Feb 1993, I have NEVER gotten the kids for Thanksgiving, another LIE of yours.

What a lie you have NEVER liked my wife, and neither one of us care. In fact, you had talked to her on the phone for the first time in May 1995, and you saw her for the first time in July 1995. YOU are the one that stuck your finger in her face in July when you and (her husband) dropped the kids off and told her “Don’t FUCK with me” so YOU are the one that has a personal vendetta. YOU are the one that blamed her for taking me back to court over and over again. YOU have nothing she should be jealous of. TRUST ME, you don’t. In fact, she tells me all the time to make sure I thank you for her, for teaching her how NOT to be. She didn’t believe anything I told her about you in the beginning. Everything I told her about you, YOU proved true by your own words and actions. She really has no thoughts about you one way or another. She has always felt sorry for you, especially more when you told her you have been diagnosed with (diagnosis).

You are so hung on this impersonation crap. No one did that. That is your own sick and twisted mind playing tricks on you. You really are delusional, because if you really believed that it did happen, you would have us in court so fast. No one that I know of would spend hours looking into your “past and current live.” No one read (daughters) emails and no one listened in on her phone conversations.

As far as spending time with (son and/or daughter), they have seen me 1 time in 1995, 1 time in 1996, 3 times in 1997, 2 times in 1998, 3 times in 1999, 2 times in 2000, 2 times in 2001, 1 time in 2002 and ZERO times in 2003, so it looks like you are LYING yet again. Between Jan 1, 1995 and June 1998 there were no court orders saying they “HAD” to come. Go there? On what? My good looks? I pay you support, I can’t afford airfare and hotel costs, not to mention rent a car. I refuse to stay at your place, that’s a given, and or to be at YOUR mercy with a car of ANYTHING. The “parenting plan” you paid for and drew up in 1993? That one? HA HA! You would NO MORE follow a court order from 1993 than you do any subsequent court order. It doesn’t matter WHAT a Judge or court order says, PER YOU. All you are about is that green money, and control you HAVE TO HAVE. Pat didn’t get ahold of anything. I have 2 copies, both with your original signature on them. I made sure I got them before I left your house that weekend. I didn’t KNOW Pat in Feb. of 1993.

For someone who hates my wife so much, you sure talk about her a lot, you sure let her rent that space in your head. How obsessed can you be? GET OVER HER. She hasn’t done anything to cause hard feelings. You are just ticked off that WE, she and I have found out a LOT of stuff you wish we hadn’t. YOU are just ticked off that I call you on the carpet for all your LIES. YOU don’t like to be questioned. TOO BAD. I have no hard feelings towards my children. None whatsoever. They are old enough to make their choices and they are old enough to suffer the consequences of their choices. I am not responsible for the choices they make.

Yep, you ran from California. You called me up before you had to testify before the grand jury and told me that if anything happened to you, to please get the kids. You had to have made a deal for someone harboring a drug king pin like you did, by allowing him to use the house to store money and cars and money that your MOM even found and then allow it to get raided, yep, you must have agreed to a sweet deal. Then your buddy (drug king pin’s name) changes his plea to guilty in Oct 1992 and you leave California to marry a man you told was a “business deal.” HA HA HA! How pathetic and trampy can you be? Don’t answer. You didn’t marry (husband) for love, you married him for the money, admit it. My god, you really can’t even tell the truth to (son and daughter). (her husband) was hardly around, gone 2-3 weeks a month (Bet he loved that deal! Got to be away from you!) then home for a couple weeks. You used him. Hopefully one day if he hasn’t already, he will see the light. I’ll tell you what. if you hadn’t already been pregnant with (son) when WE got married, I NEVER would have married you.

No money from me between August 1989 and April 1990? You sure about that? Must not be because I have cancelled checks written in MY writing from August 1989 to the end of the year, making mortgage payments on a house I was no longer living in. I could have NOT paid it when I left, and let it foreclose. OH and lets not forget the $3371.04 you wrote out for CASH between May and December 1989 ON TOP of the nearly $8400.00 (on TOP of the mortgage payments) by check I paid you and this doesn’t include the cash payments or payments by money order. OH and lets not forget the letters you sent me in 1990 between April and November, thanking me for sending you money “on time and regularly.” you are such a liar. You even wrote me and told what a change it was going from $6000 a month when we were married to $800 after taxes. It is ALL about money with you. You’re right, I COULD SEEM to support the kids. I was NEVER obligated to support YOU. I paid you about $1050 a month from May to December 1989, ON TOP of the mortgage payment. It was SUPPOSED to be used for the kids, NOT for you. I have the cancelled checks from all these figures.

Constant attention from you and (her husband)? What a laigh. He was gone 2-3 weeks at a time, and you were working. It got to the point where the kids were left home by themselves for several hours every day. Constant attention…What a joke.

You mother has always told you that YOU divorced me, she didn’t. Well, least she said she always told you that. If she was lying then no wonder you lie. It’s been passed on. You have NEVER been able to handle the friendship your mom and I had, but now I SEE who runs her life. It isn’t her when it comes to (son and daughter).

Boy (ex wife’s name), you sound jealous. Sarah is my “child” maybe not by blood, but in THIS family, we don’t have hang ups about things like YOU do and have passed it on to (son and daughter). Sarah and Thomas aren’t bought every thing their hearts desire. I don’t walk around saying “The skies the limit” like YOU do. Do you know what the work ignore means? It means Main Entry: ig*nore Date: 1801 1: reuse to take notice of 2: to reject (a bill of indictment) as ungrounded.

If I was ignoring (son and daughter) I wouldn’t acknowledge them at all. THEY have chosen to ignore me. You have the roles backwards. How do you know I didn’t say anything to them? I told (daughter) the day I talked to her in October when she had to go to the ER. I couldn’t call (son) because YOU forbid me to call him at your mom’s and I don’t have his cell phone number. I also sent both kids emails and emails of the article from the papers, wanna see the proof? Got no answer from (son) and got a “oh really” from (daughter).

You obviously care about things I say, otherwise why this long asinine email trying to explain your actions and LIES? I know I have made mistakes, I have never said I was faultless. YOU are the one that likes to pretend you are FAULTLESS, HA HA! Another joke. YOU are the one that lets your anger for me spill over into the kids, when the kids were here, the only time YOU would be brought up is when they got ticked off at something and cried to you, otherwise, a relaxing vacation with them was to not EVER hear from you during that time, and I can only think of one time that happened. No emails, no phone calls from you.

Hey, THEY are the ones bringing crap up from the past. I explain “the other side” of what they have been told. Between what you have lied to them about and what I have told them, they need to find the truth themselves. I have contacted (son and daughter) and THEY, with your HEAVY influence over them, are the ones that dictated what kind of relationship they want with me. Me and the kids decided in 1998, when they were here that we would email every day and keep in touch that way. When they get back to your house, suddenly that all changes and I get an email from them saying not to email everyday. Funny how all the plans that WE make while they are here, suddenly change when they get back to your house. The fact is, YOU can’t handle them having a relationship with me. YOU have to have that control over them, how sad for them. How do I know (daughter) was never pregnant? What happened to her in the beginning of this year when she was having a really bad week and neither one of you would tell me? (Keith gave his idea here). She didn’t look too healthy when I saw her in December 2002. Really pale, sickly thin, not healthy at all. Where did I say I raised teens? Boy, quit the drugs would you? Or maybe get a higher dosage of the ones you already take. Nowhere did I say I raised teens.

My wife owes no one an apology, Seems the kids owe her one tho, one from (son) for lying about her to his friend (friends name) and (daughter) for calling Sarah “stupid” and from (daughter) for telling her boyfriend that Thomas was “a pain in the ass.”

I am not angry about the choices I made. I am glad I am no longer married to you. I am glad I only have 18 more moths to deal with you.

If the kids choose not to have anything to do with me, that is there choice. It is MY choice to carry them or not carry on any health and life insurance once they turn 18.

I look forward NOT hearing from YOU (ex wife’s name). Keith”

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