Here We Go Again….

Stepdaughter emailed her dad at 4:15pm. More accusations towards him. Amongst many things, she told him, “…I just don’t understnad you anymore…why can’t you understand what is actually going on…you are losing me and soon enough I am never going to talk to again…so why don’t you look at the past and see what has happened and why all you have done to your life with your second wifes kids…I don’t even know what to say to you…well i just don’t understand why you can’t realize how much your WIFE has done to our relationship. (if you only didn’t marry her or if she would have kept our business alone) Please look back when you were married to (3rd ex) our life wasn’t screwed up when she was married to you…so what happend with this one that you are wiht now…plus…why can’t you be a father that you are to thomas and her daughter?? its like you had me and (his son) and after a while you meant some body and had a kid with her and just ignored us… why would a father ignore his own children?? why??? I just don’t understand…why you couldnt at least see one of my soccer games, my dance recitals, my softball games, my basketball games, or any thing like that…not even help me wiht a school project…nothing…you know what I am about to say is going to be mean but you know what…(her stepdad) has been more of a father than you were. becasue he was there for me when I played games…and even there just to movtavte me to go farther wiht life..even still he is doing that…and plus (stepson) was doing the same…so what happened to you…really what happened? any why can’t you just understand what has happened in the last 10 years??? (her name)”

WOW…. these are ALL things her mother has put in her head, and actually, I’m wondering if this isn’t her MOTHER writing this, because these are EXACTLY things her mother has written to Keith, verbatim, including the part about Keith’s ex #3.

These kids were trained to tell their dad, NOTHING was new, NOTHING was going on, they were doing NOTHING. How was he to know about their school projects when they never told him? I do know that several times, Keith had asked his ex to video tape their kids playing sports and send them to him. He would even pay for whatever she needed to do so. She couldn’t be bothered. how was he to go to any of her sports games when he worked to pay support and they live close to 1200 miles away? I worked to make up the loss of income his ex was getting. The extra we may have is for what we may need here, or even go towards airfare.

It’s really too bad his ex wasn’t forthcoming with the Truth. So much for her being “frank and honest” with them and with Keith like she said she is.

I knew Keith’s ex #3. When he married her, my daughter’s father, my daughter and I went to their wedding. They were together about 5 years and their marriage lasted 5 months. SHE wanted to move to FL, and Keith said no way, he was already far from his kids, and had to fight to see them, he wasn’t about to move farther away, plus CA held jurisdiction over their divorce/custody, etc case.

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