2003 Gifts and Things

4-30-03 (Easter was 4-20) sent L Easter candy, a Krispy Creme gift card and a $20 check. Card from Keith said, “May your day be jelly and bright.” Keith wrote, “Always and forever I Love you Dad” card from Sarah, Thomas and I said, “How many eggs does the Easter Bunny lay in each basket? Zero. Bunnies can’t lay eggs. Hee hee hee Happy Easter! ” we each signed our name. This was sent Signature confirmation.

5-1-03- sent L confirmation cards and gifts. Keith wrote in her card, “L, I’m Very Happy And Extremely Proud of You, By Reading The Bible, Meditating ON its Word and Praying, you’ll Find Not ONly your Life will change For The BETTER BUT His Will and Plan, will Be Reveled. Glory to God I Love you Always L- Dad.”

Keith also bought her a Bible. Inside the cover, he wrote, “L, I Pray Daily For You. Please Read This Bible And Bind Yourself To Your Lord’s Word.- Jesus Christ- Grow In Grace Love Forever And Ever Lean On His Everlasting Arm, L. Your Dad

Presented to E D. D

By K D

On 4th of May 2003

The card from me and the kids we signed it, “Blessings, and our names, each with an X an O.

5-3-03- Confirmation package was attempted delivery. A notice was left.

5-5-03- Confirmation package was signed for by J at 11:43 am and Easter package was signed for by J at 11:44 am.

5-7-03 $20 check deposited.

12-12-03- J wrote that she “mailed a box and an Priority mail envelope with several pictures in it. Once you get it the pictures open the cardboard pictures up because there are more underneath.”

12-17-03- L sent a box. L wrote Keith’s name, but J addressed it all. It’s postmarked 12-11-03, In it was a Christmas/Birthday gift for Keith. She wrote, “Dad, hope you enjoy.” She also sent a gift to Thomas. She wrote, “Thomas hope you like”

She sent nothing to Sarah. Keith said we are going to rewrap the popcorn and movie, and retag it from L to both kids.

Thomas also sent L a Christmas card.

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