Spring 2004

It’s Keith’s year to have visitation with his daughter. He emailed her and asked her to think about spending it with him and her brother Thomas. Keith wrote, “…the last time I saw you was Christmas 2002 for a week. Your brother Thomas misses you too.” Told her it would be great to see her from April 4th- April 10, that she would be home to spend Easter with her friends, since it is on the 11th. Her told “Let’s start 2004 off fresh.”

His daughter wrote back at 2:53pm. Again, addressing Keith by his name, she wrote, “Keith…..I am not starting fresh wiht you…i am sorry…you damaged my feelings too much…i don’t think we should start fresh…i am sorry buts its just not going to work after all the stuff you said in the last hundred emails…look back on all of them and realize what you have said…becasue sure enough it hurt me

so much…oh yeah…please stop text messaging me…if you have the guts to e-mail and text message me then pick up the phone and dail my number…becasue this stuff is is nonsense why can’t you do this huh??? well maybe you can stop all this crap becasue its annoying me so much…i just cant take anymore. Just Stop!!…i am just sick of it…i hoped you enjoy your presents from me….your welcome. (her name) her tag line reads, “(her name) Lets start 2004 off fresh.” Keith…”What Are You Thinking” (her name)

His daughter emailed him again at 2:59pm, subject line LEAVE ME ALONE DAD!!! In this email, she wrote in all CAPS that she is “TIREF OF THIS NONSENSE….I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU ANYMORE..STOP TEXT MESSAGING ME AND E_MAILING ME!!.. I AM SICK OF THIS!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!” (her name) same tag line as before.

Keith responded to her at 4:08pm, He told her he was sorry she felt this way, that it was “never too late for anything and maybe one day down the road you will want to contact when you aren’t so mad. I guess it is all ok for your mom to write the things she did, which was sent to you and (his son’s name) too, all throughout the year. no problem (her name). I have forgiven you for the things you have said to me in email and screamed at me on the phone this past year. Maybe one day you will be able to forgive me for not being the father figure you feel you were deprived. Maybe one day you will be able to speak for yourself, instead of being under the rule of thumb at your hoe. I am sorry for your for that. I will abide by your wishes and not contact you. Oh, and I did send you an email to thank you for the presents. Sorry if it went ignored. Thomas and sarah sent you a thank you card too, even though you ignored Sarah, I guess you didn’t get that either. Be good in your life, best of luck always to you ( her name), I will ALWAYS love you, no matter what. Have a great new years as I know you are relived that it won’t include me. Dad”

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