No Fresh Start in 2004

Stepdaughter emailed her a Dad. This email, along with many others, really shows how truly evil his ex is, in my opinion.

His daughter is still on the “Keith” kick, so that’s how she addresses him in this email. She continues on….
1st apragraph response: I wouldn’t be so mad if you didn’t say all the those harsh things about me my brother and my mother. Yes its ok that my mom says this stuff because most of the time I agree with her. Because you guys argue about the stupidest stuff like $1.00 on insurance that you can’t pay or think that my mother is cheating you just to get money….which she isn’t…so I just don’t understand why you can’t just agree with her to pay or whatever the case is, its stupid stuff like this that just annoy me…!

2nd paragraph response: How can I forgive you when you say all these things like “if you weren’t pregnant with (son) I would have NEVER married you” or “I think that (daughter) was pregnant and she had a abortion or a miscarriage” I can speak for myself. I am a young aduly trying to live my life on my own. So if you think my mother is speaking for me she isn’t but yet, in some way yes…because I don’t want to get all upset and get hurt by the things you have said about me, my brother and my mother. If you actually knew who I was maybe you wouldn’t think that I can’t speak for myself.

3rd paragraph response: First….yes I did get thank you from an e-mail but not by phone which I was expecting. Second I sent the gift to THOMAS you know my half brother…I didn’t send the gift to SARAH (which I don’t need to) it was marked for Thomas and not anyone else. So I don’t know why Sarah got into it. Well you know what I ignored PAT as well and you aren’t saying anything about that so yes. I ignored PAT & SARAH to bad they aren’t my family. I got gift to my FATHER and MY HALF BROTHER and not anyone else. WELL Keith I didn’t present from you so what does that say…yes I got the thank you card but I don’t know why it was signed and addressed by sarah’s handwriting she is not my half brother or my father so don’t have her send anything to me by that way again.

4th paragraph response: Yes I will have a great life…and yes I will enjoy it whether you are in it or not. YES I LOVE YOU TOO BUT RIGHT NOW I DON”T HAVE TO LIKE YOU” Andie Anderson”

Keith sent his response at 7:49pm:

(daughters name), What’s with this Keith business? Hate me that much that you can’t refer to me as Dad? If you hate me that much that you can’t refer to me as dad and you tell me not to email you or text message you, and you don’t want to talk to me anymore and that (her stepdad- her mom’s now ex husband) was/is more of a father to you, what’s up with this email? 1st paragraph response: If the truth is harsh, then so be it. If “stupid stuff like this” just annoys you, then maybe you should tell YOUR MOTHER to quit talking to you about it. Since you obviously don’t know what goes on with the insurance, and you take your mothers word as gospel, and you agree with everything she says, then you are ignorant to the facts and only know one half of the whole thing.

2nd paragraph response: You and (her brother) are the BEST things that came from my marriage to your mom. I thank GOD you and (her brother). It’s true, though, I would not have married her if she wasn’t already pregnant. If you are a “young adult trying to live your life on your own” then you need to learn to deal with some “harsh” facts of life. Interesting how your mom says, and you agree with her from what you said, that I am the cause of (Keith’s oldest daughter) getting pregnant as a teenager because I wasn’t around and yet when I mention that I think that is what may have happened to you, because I can’t get any answers from either you or your “beautiful” mother, you get offended. Why? It could very well have been you, and what happened to you last year. If I actually knew who you were? Interesting, but kind of hard to do, when nothing is ever new with you, and you are never doing anything, and you haven’t been to visit and when you do , it is ALWAYS interrupted by phone calls or emails from your mother, and anytime I DO know something about what is going on with you, I get accused of invading your privacy. Make up your mind (her name). If you are a “young adult” trying to live your life on your own, then you need to start speaking for yourself.

3rd paragraph response: First, glad you my email thanking you for the present. I didn’t get ANY one presents yet for Christmas. I couldn’t afford to. A harsh reality. I never got a list of what you wanted even though I asked over and over. If you want to send one now, that would be great. I was expecting to see you for summer visitation in 2002 after we agreed on everything. I wasn’t expecting to only see you for a week at Christmas 2002. I was expecting to see you the summer of 2003 after everything was agreed tp. I was expecting to see you for at least a WEEK at christmas 2003, and I wasn’t expecting to be lied to by you about your plans. I wasn’t expecting to NOT see you at all in 2003. So you see (her name), I was really disappointed by you too. A harsh reality in life is that there are disappointments. What I have NEVER EVER done was deny you are my daughter, and I have NEVER EVER, replaced you as my daughter with anyone else, but I KNOW that that is one thing your mother has drilled into your head, because you even screamed THAT at me before. Since you said there is no starting over, it is YOUR decision to not come visit at al in 2004. Me, you and Thomas all lose out, that is the harsh reality and the consequence of your decision. Call or visit anytime.

Second, why are you so enraged about Sarah? she has never done ANYTHING to you, except consider you a sister. She got into the gift you sent Thomas because SHE is HIS sister too, and lives here. A harsh reality for you? she knows you ignored her. She doesn’t care. She liked the movie too and thought it would be NICE to let you know, by saying thank you too. Pat got her own calendar, she never expected anything from you, and was always pleasantly surprised when you did think of her. I know for a FACT she always thanked you. You seem to take pride in and be happy and gloating you ignored Pat and Sarah. The reality is, it didn’t bother either of them. If you can’t handle someone being nice, simply because they can or WANT TO BE, then I don’t know what to tell you. I cannot believe you are mad that Sarah addressed the envelope. SHE did it because Thomas had trouble. How PETTY, getting all in an uproar because SHE wrote on the envelope. Your mom pulled this SAME stunt a long time ago too. PETTY.

4th paragraph response: Glad you will have a great life, (her name). That’s my wish for you, to be happy and satisfied the way your life ends up. You are the one that has decided I wasn’t worth being in your life, so I can only wish you LOVE and happiness. Remember this (her name)? “LEAVE ME ALONE DAD!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE…I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOU ANYMORE..STOP TEXT MESSAGING ME AND E_MAILING ME!!!…JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!” (her name) (Her name) lets start 2004 fresh” Keith…”What are you thinking” (her name) Dad.

If she’s going to come at him with her false accusations, he has a right to be the “frank and honest” his ex always says SHE is with her kids.

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