I Was Blamed For Everything

People forget what they write. Liars can’t keep track of their lies…look at this. Keith’s ex wrote this email in January 2004. Notice how she blames me for their problems and saying between 8/89 and 7/95, all was well between them? LOL WATCH….

January 2004
September 1990

She says, “your letter was a good argument against mine. We can’t even write each other without fighting.” This was before I even met him. There never should have been issues between him and the kids from the get go. Any issues SHE had with Keith and or myself, should have been kept between the ADULTS. She NEVER should have brought the kids into it. Not EVERYTHING needed to be discussed with the kids.

On top of this little fact, she went on to say that “Neither of them or myself want to get emails generated by your wife…Your spine has been sucked out with a straw through your ass by the persons you live with. I bet you can’t shit without her inspecting it for some form of transmission to the outside world….Both (son and daughter) have seen with their own eyes how you treat Sarah and Thomas. The episode of (son) telling Sarah that she is not his sister still rings true in both their heads and memories…lets not forget the time that (daughter) made Pat mad with the email that Fat got into without (daughters) permission or the phones calls that have been listened to. Then so mature of Pat to ignore. I mean flat out ignore not talk to (daughter) while she is there at your home. Can you imagine how stupid let alone immature that is? Have you tried that with Sarah? When she makes you made do you ignore her and do you yell at her? I hardly think so and that is what both (son and daughter ) have seen and felt…. You have plenty of money and what an excuse to give (daughter) for no gift. You have cell phones, answering machines, computers, cars plus internet service, etc. etc. etc. Change your lifestyle and have your wife get a job to keep her out of our business. Then you would not feel the pinch of money….You know if you have just been civil and kept your wife out of our business you would still be paying 200.00 a month for support….”

This lady is so vile and vulgar.

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