Primary Insurance Coverage

Using medical/dental insurance should NEVER be as difficult as the ex made it. She blamed Keith for all the hassles she’s had using his insurance, but it wasn’t his fault. It was “the user’s” (her) fault.

She emailed Keith today at 4:07pm about a claim back from 12/1/03 for their daughter. EX claims that “as of this date, there has been no payment from his insurance and/or no denial of benefits received regarding (daughters) office visit…” She goes on to say that “An outstanding balance of 196.50 still remains now 78 days past the date of service. I have the forms t submit to my insurance however am still waiting for the denial of benefits from your insurance. 78 days is entirely too long to wait to pay a bill. Please mail me the denial of benefits and (provider of service) does not bill my insurance in this case. I have the forms to self bill received from (provider of service.)”

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