December 2003 Medical Claim

I spent some time gathering information on this claim that the ex was taking issue with yesterday. I called our Insurance. I was told that this “missing” eob from this date of service of 12/03 was processed back on January 8th 2004.

JUST an FYI, Insurance companies legally have a 30-45 day time frame to “pay, pend (for more information) or deny a claim.” This claim was processed in 37 days.

Our insurance received the claim on Dec. 23rd, 2003, 22 days after date of service. They received 2 claims. One for 125.00 and the other for 71.50 for a total of 196.50

Where the ex runs into problems is here: If she doesn’t use our insurance providers, Keith will never get an EOB, unless her provider bills our insurance home plan. Keith and I have explained to her that all non emergent claims go through the Reciprocity dept. and all urgent and emergent claims go straight to our home plan. It really is not that difficult.

I emailed Keith and the ex this information at 12:55pm.

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