Oldest Stepdaughter Email

She and Keith had been emailing about her engagement party and wedding plans, and how they’ve locked in the date of “October 16, 2005, sunset wedding in Newport Beach.”

This evvening though, at 2058, she emails Keith about how she “had no idea” that he hasn’t had a relationship with his two middle kids “as well…and for sooo long?!?!?!?! Whats up with that?!!!!!!”

He was taken aback by her email. He emailed her back at 2118 saying that he had no idea, and asked where she heard that from. He wrote, “Did you talk to them? Last time I saw (middle stepdaughter) was December 2002. all was well. I was supposed to see her in Spring 2003, and she decided not to come because her mother took me back to court. I was then ready and set to see her in the summer, and the last time I talked to her, days before she was to come out, she screamed on the phone at me, and didn’t come out. (Middle stepson name), I couldn’t tell ya. I got two birthday cards from him in 2003, and he refused my birthday cards to him in 2004. If you know more, let me know. Dad”

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