Her Younger Siblings

So, oldest stepdaughter emails Keith tonight at 1925, and tells him how she is “shocked….COMPLETELY SHOCKED” to hear that his relationship with her younger siblings had suffered the last few years. She also told him that his ex, her former stepmother, had written her a letter last September (2004) letting her know how to contact her younger siblings. She said, “don’t worry, there was NOTHING written about you)” She admits to Keith that she felt saddened that she let hers and Keith’s relationship “or the lack thereof” affect her relationship with them.

Keith wrote her back at 2122 and gave her the breakdown of what’s been happening, and recalling how his ex felt about her, and the problems he had when he was married to his ex and the problems she caused when it was time to see his oldest daughter and son for visitation. He told her how the ex blamed me for her second divorce, as did his younger daughter and how she, the ex, told me that she would be on my door step and I had better be afraid.

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