Keith sent his ex and the court a letter, telling the court that he believes perjury has been committed by his former wife, and named her. He writes:

“Ms. (her maiden name now) declares under penalty of perjury that I served her myself, through the USPS. This is false. My wife is the one that took it into the Post office in El Cajon and paid for the postage. When Ms. (maiden name) signed for the OSC she was served with, she signed her name as “Paris Hilton.” On March 23. 2005, Ms. (Maiden name) denies doing this and told me to “prove it.” Providing a copy of other “printed material” from Ms. (Maiden name) will prove she did sign and print her name as Paris Hilton. One thing that Ms (Maiden name) fails to state is that she was also served by Personal Service on March 3, 2005 by Deputy (First and last name) of (local sheriff’s) Dept in (City) in WA. The Proof of Service by mail that Ms (maiden name) sent me a copy of and sent the court as well, is perjured and forged.

It is declared under penalty of perjury that (first, MI, last name), Ms. (Maiden name)’s former husband deposited the sealed envelope with the USPS with the postage fully prepaid. The truth is, not only is it Ms (maiden name)’s writing on the envelope, it is she that actually dated the form, wrote, (her ex husbands first name MI, last name) and it is she that actually signed the form as (her ex’s first name, MI, last name ll). It seems Ms. (maiden now) did not remember that (her ex husband) had signed for two other pieces of mail, in the the past that I had mailed Ms (maiden name) when they were married.

In item one of Ms (maiden name)’s declaration, she states that she had had a wage garnishment in effect since April 1991 due to no child support payments voluntarily made from me. The truth is, prior to our divorce, between May 1989 and August 1989, I paid Ms (maiden name) $6000.00. She also paid herself and additional #3121.04 from my business account ($2946.04 by check made out to herself and $175.00 made out for cash, and signed by her.)

I have letters from Ms (Maiden name) in June and September 1990 thanking me for sending her money on time and regularly and telling me that she was on welfare and did not put the money I gave her into a Revenue and Recovery account like Welfare asked her to do. Our divorce was final Nov 29, 1990 and I was ordered to pay $400 month. In January 1991, I drove down to San Diego and paid (ex’s first name)$1000.00 cash. In February 1991, I paid Ms (maiden name) $240.00 cash. She said it would be easier if she got a wage garnishment. I didn’t agree with it, but a wage garnishment order was filed anyway. Ms (maiden name) did not claim the $1000.00 I paid her in January, but claimed the $240.00 I paid her in February, and her attorney at the time, (attorney’s name) got a garnishment which included$1360.00 in arrearages for Nov. 1990 ($400), Dec 90 ($400), Jan. 91 ($400) and partial Feb 91 ($160). The garnishment was effective March 12, 1991.

In item two of Ms (maiden name)’s declaration, Ms (maiden name) states that I will owe her $289.59. This is absolutely false. The fact is, right at this time, I am over paid in arrearages. Ms (maiden name) will be getting her final child support check from me on July 1, 2005 for $258.46 and she will be over paid in child support $86.14.

In item three of Ms (maiden name)’s declaration, she says she has been living in WA state since March 1993. attached is a letter from Ms (maiden name) to my employer, specifically saying effective 2-12-93, her new address is now (lists address). Ms (maiden name) further declares that she is unable to make it to court at this time on this date, and lists several reasons. My income in necessary to support not only my daughter but my 2 other minor children with my current wife, and I too have responsibilities at work and had to request this day off from work, from my employer and I have to drive 2-3 hours one way to be here for Court, and I am here. On March 22, 2005, Ms (maiden name) told me in an email that she will be at court.

I request that the Court consider all Ms (maiden name)’s perjured declaration and order the arrearage garnishment of $50.00 a month to stop, effective immediately, and that Ms (maiden name) be ordered to reimbursement me any and all over payments of child support and arrearage garnishment prior July 1, 2005, by money order or cashiers check, payable to myself (states name and address). I request that the Court specify the actual amount of overpaid arrearages and child support due me, so there will be no question or hassle from Ms (maiden name). This request is necessary as Ms. (maiden name) has told me as of today, there are only 85 days left until I can no longer contact her and that as of June 17, 2005 at 12:00 midnight I will no longer have any right to contact her home or her.

Thank you for your time and consideration. (FULL legal name) CC: (Ex’s first, middle and all 3 last names she’s been known as.) “

Keith provided copies of proof of everything he claimed in this letter. He sent a copy to his ex, delivery confirmation.

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