WTH? Oldest stepdaughter writes her dad at 10:38. She says stuff in response to other things he wrote in his previous email that I didn’t put on the blog, but her last paragraph she writes, “I have unsettled emotions about all of this, just as I have an unsettled feeling that it could be THE MEDDLING-OVERSTEPPING-Pat responding to my emails, and not you. I gotta go. Love YOU dad,”

Well, well, well…..wonder where she heard THIS line before…. Keith was not happy at all, plus he was home sick. He wasn’t going to let it slide though, he was sick of this bullshit. At 11:26, he emailed her back, saying, (in part), “… I don’t appreciate anything you said about Pat, accusing her of responding to your emails, it has been ME. Pat wrote you ONE letter nearly 10 years and that was IT. I had pneumonia at the time. She has seen you about as much as I have over the last 11 years, and always commented on how personable you and (her brother) were. Pat is the one that took a $300.00 loan off her credit card, years ago, to give to YOU, with the understanding that you would pay her back, and you never did. Guess you forgot about that. She did this against MY wishes. So don’t blame HER for the problems between Me and you, me and (his oldest son) and Me and (middle kids.). Talk about MEDDLING-OVERSTEPPING, why the hell am I getting SHIT from YOU regarding my relationship with (middle kids) in the FIRST PLACE?…Don’t GIVE me any shit concerning my relationship with (middle kids) when you ADMITTEDLY have neglected them, and don’t use ME as your crutch as to WHY you have neglected them. What? Did you all of a sudden get a “sisterly instinct” where (middle kids) are concerned, after neglecting them for so long? Is THAT why you contact me? Because (EX WIFE) wrote you? Yes, I HAVE spoken to them when I could, when I was allowed to, and I don’t have to answer to YOU about my relationship or lack thereof with (middle kids)….If you don’t believe I wrote any of this, call me, and I will tell you all this again. Dad”

At 11:30 he responded to another little jab his daughter said. She had written yesterday, “Have you ever asked (middle kids) why they don’t want to visit/talk with you? Or it just assumed by you it’s all (ex wife’s) fault?” Keith responded with, ” Assumed? I don’t have to assume anything. I KNOW IT, I LIVED IT, Were you there? Where were you? I did the best I could with what I was ALLOWED to have. Dad”

In her response at 12:14, his daughter wrote, “I don’t remember that Pat gave me $300.00 11 years ago, but if you’d like me to pay her back now, I’d be happy to. I’m sorry that I didn’t know/remember that she let me borrow money….She has meddled into alot of your relationship…even with your sister, my auntie (Keith’s sisters name). Oh, believe me, I don’t blame Pat for YOUR problems with us, in the end, you are to blame. It’s weird that ALL of your kids have the same feelings/hurt. Well, except for Thomas and Sara.”

WHY in God’s name am I thrown in her email to her dad?? I haven’t seen this girl in awhile, how am I meddling in anything? CLEARLY she’s listened to Keith’s ex and THEIR daughter. GEEZUS….I can stay in my room and do nothing and get accused of crap like this.

At 1425, Keith responded back to her. He told his oldest daughter that he “really doesn’t need a go between between him and his middle kids, thanks though. They are grown adults, if they want to contact me, they can. Like I siad in previous emails, you have no idea what has happened, except from one side. Last I knew it took two and communication to have a relationship. You, (middle son, and middle daughter) condemn me for not being there for you, even though I have made an effort, but I don’t see you three making much of an effort, but again, you 3 blame me and my wife for the hurt feelings, experiences you have and have had, it’s always easier for you 3to place blame elsewhere and on someone else, without considering what part any of YOU played in the breakdown of the relationship, so fine, no more emails? Ok then, Dad”

I emailed his daughter. I asked Keith if I could and he said yes, so at 1240pm, I sent off an email. In it, I wrote, “Hello (oldest daughter’s name), It goes without saying that Thomas, Sarah (with an H) and I will not be attending your wedding. Unfortunately, they have already been told about it. Keep the money you borrowed from me years ago. I was there when you needed it, and we have experienced the same when we needed to borrow money, family was there for us. You have a wedding to plan, and I am sure you need it more. So you think I have meddled in “alot” of your dad’s relationships, huh? News to me. I don’t even know what I did your “auntie” (Keith’s sisters name), but thank you for letting me know she is upset with me about something I know nothing about. Maybe you can have her email me or call so we can discuss it. That would be greatly appreciated, thanks. What “other” relationships have I meddled in? I mean, if you are going to accuse me of this, you should expound on it. Leave my children out of your ‘whatever’ it is, with your dad. Thank you. Pat”

She wrote me back at 555pm. She said, “Apparently, you DON’T meddle…what are you doing right now? HILARIOUS!!! Please never EVER send me another email. They won’t be read. You’re right I am planning a wedding, however you are wrong in your thinking I need the 300.00 you “lent” me 11 years ago. I’m sooooooo sorry that this has been “wearing” on you. You will receive a money order asap. I’ve never wanted anything to do with you for years & years…why would you ASSUME that you would be invited to my wedding? LOL You make ALL of us sick to our stomachs. With all of your paranoid personalities, I’m sure you that you have copies of letters you’ve sent to numerous family members…including auntie (sis in laws name) or perhaps the taped conversations. But you don’t remember??? LOL Pat, just because we have the same last names does not make us family.”


Keith’s oldest daughter is around 33 years of age. His other two kids are nearly 21 and 18 years old. His daughter wrote him back at 2219, basically reiterating what she’s said in previous emails, as if he is stupid, and at the end, she says, “p.s. Anymore contact between you and I … will not be done thru emails on my part.”

Gee, who ELSE does that sound like?? Seems his oldest daughter is listening to and siding with his ex wife, who is NOT this girls mother.

I am REALLY sick of all their bullshit. This girl comes out of left field and starts throwing barbs and accusations at Keith and I. He’s sick of it as well.

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